Get to Know Us in Three
As Badass Besties, we thought it would be fun for our listeners to get to know us by asking each other 3 random questions. Down the rabbit hole we go….


Mohazel – Host

The Bohemian One

If you could buy one material thing, and money was not an issue what would it be? 

A flat in London

Who are your top three favorite musical artist/bands?

Erykah Badu. Ella Fitzgerald. Sting.

Who are you most envious of (real or fiction) and why?

Lisa Bonet because she is #hairgoals and I wanna be married to Aquaman. I still love you tech support (aka Mohazel’s hubby). #sorrynotsorry


Ms.Glam – Host

The Boujee One

Who would you swipe right for?

Boris Kodjoe and David Bowie.

If you were stranded on a deserted island what one book would you bring?

My Kindle (solar power source included). *insert evil laugh here* Mohazel doesn’t like my answer apparently I cheated. #suckeditupbuttercup 

Best advice you ever received and why?

There is nothing you can’t do. My grandma told me this constantly growing up as I offered her up excuses for various things but as I matured it finally stuck and it defined me as a problem solver. There is no problem that is unconquerable.